Corrib On-shore Gas Terminal

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Construction of new receiving and processing Gas Terminal to include: Sales Gas Compressor Building, 400V Switch room/LER 1 Building, Power Generation Building, Waste Water Treatment Building, Office Administration Building and HVAC Control Building. Detailed design completed by Kyne & Clyne on behalf of Walsh Mechanical.

  1. Sub-Contractor – Mechanical Building Services Installation
    Sales Gas Compressor Building to include: HVAC – supply and extract ventilation, “run around” coil heat reclamation system, all ductwork (flexible & fire rated), instrumentation sensors, fire/smoke & motorised dampers, inline duct heaters, attenuators, plenums & fire rated plenums; BMS Controls – dedicated Unit Control Panel with logic sequencing for automatic start-up, safety shut downs and Gas detection signals.
  2. 400V Switch room to include: Building Services to provide full fresh air mechanical supply and extract ventilation plant with dedicated BMS /UCP system.
  3. Power Generation Building to include: HVAC – Generator Cells to be thermostatically controlled supply & extract ventilation system, Separate non-hazardous area supply & extract ventilation system for HV switch room; dedicated BMS /UCP system.
  4. Waste Water Treatment Building to include: Buildings Services for a close control refrigeration/DZ system for the IT room and separate system for other floor areas; central BMS system for DX units
  5. Administration and Control Building to include: Heating Centre, Space Heating, Water Distribution, Drainage & Refuse Disposal, Ventilation & Ductwork to Admin Office Block and complete HVAC services in separate Control building
  6. Commissioning, Certification & Validation
Project Details
Value €2.7m+
Handover Date October 2011

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